Bot commands


>sl – change the language of the source text
- ex: >sl ru
- ex: >sl russian

>dl – change the destination language
- ex: >dl ro
- ex: >dl romanian

>lang – displays all available languages

>t – translates the following text
ex: >t translate this text


>cnt (number) – counting up to (number)
- ex: >cnt 69

>stopcnt – to force stop the counter


1) Create your own Discord Bot
2) Download and extract the repository
3) Open a terminal, go to repository directory and type:

pip install -r requirements.txt


1) Open file in your IDE and put the TOKEN of your bot in there

TOKEN = "your token here"


 - googletrans python module has some whims and the only version that works is "googletrans==4.0.0-rc1"
 - this project was made with python 3.10 and pip 21.3.1


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