Verify your Accounts by Tempphone using this Discordbot is a service, that offer you temp phonenumbers for otp verification. It include a lot of countries you can choose from. The cheapest option is russia. 1 verification for Discord cost only 1.3 Rubel! The Project use the API to get numbers, check for verifycodes & more. It is added within a discordbot and uses slashcommands Slashcommands working similar to usual ones but are more integraded within Discord so typing / will suggest possible avaible commands and shows what args are needed Its more easy to use then using a custom prefix like ! and run a helpcommand to list all commands. It is secure and will only show the responses on your side in a hidden embed. This embed will only be shown to you so its not possible for the owner to login into the bot and see the secret stuff. You can run these commands in Guilds or DMs with no risk of the data being leaked

(Looking for Suggestions to keep this Project updated. Any suggestion or feature you might want me to add you can tell me by clicking on issues and choose the suggestion. Or you cn use the Discordlink above to suggest things. i try to be more active, push out more opensouce projects and so on. I like to help you guys out with anything that is related to coding on my Discordserver.)

Deploy to Heroku (Using Heroku throw a traceback i am aware of. The reason for this is, that i dont know how im supposed to access the given config vars on heroku so ill find a way soon i think. You now should run the bot locally or on a vServer and edit app.json with your infos then it will work)


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