Orisa is a Discord bot that solves a problem an Overwatch community I'm a member of had: people who want to play as a team in a Quickplay or competitive match always had to ask for each other's BattleTags and - in case of competitive - rank.

Orisa solves this problem: people can message her to register their BattleTag, and other players can now ask her for each others BattleTags, Orisa also regularly checks Blizzard's playoverwatch.com site to update the member's nicknames to include their current SR (or rank).

As an added bonus, it tries to motivate people by publically congratulating them if they manage to increase their competitive rank (Silver -> Gold etc.)

She also can manage voice channels and create them on demand, and show fancy SR graphs


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Shows the current SR and/or rank in nicknames, e.g. somenick [1234-2345-3456]. Users can configure what is shown by using flexible format strings
  • SR is automatically updated whenever a player stops playing Overwatch while being in Discord, and also every hour
  • Supports multiple BattleTags per user
  • BattleTags are registered via OAuth, so you can be sure that the BattleTag really belongs to that user
  • Finds (registered) players in a given SR range
  • Congratulates every player when he/she reached a new personal best rank
  • Can manage voice channels and create them on demand, e.g. "Comp #2" will be created when "Comp #1" has members in it
  • Can show the average SR of people (first 2 digits) in the voice channel name, e.g. "Comp #1 [23-12-33]"
  • Allows people to track their SR and display a SR graph
  • Has a findplayers command that can suggest people in a specific SR range
  • Can be configured via a web interface
  • Tries to be as user friendly as possible: has an extensive help and gives suggestions.
  • Uses fuzzy search whenever possible, !ow oirsa will still find and display the BattleTags of the user named "Orisa"
  • Supports PC and XBox accounts (PSN account will be supported when I figure out how to confirm a username really belongs to that user)
  • Has been called "the best Overwatch Discord bot I've seen" by at least 2 people
  • Might have been called "a stupid Omnic I do not trust" by Zarya
  • Is not evil; it won't even try to eat your cat

Using Orisa on your Discord

You can simply invite Orisa to your discord by visiting this link. She will send your further information after she has joined your server.

Installation of your own instance


Orisa is a verified Discord bot (Discord requires that popular bots are verified).

To prevent imposter bots, there are certain restrictions on running your own instance, check the LICENSE for more information.

This information here is outdated, setting Orisa up is not trivial currently.

You need to use Discords developer pages to create a link you can use to allow Orisa on your site. Orisa needs the following permissions: "Manage Nicknames", "Send Messages", "Embed Links". For srgraph she also needs "Attach Files" and if you want her to manage the amount of voice channels (currently undocumented), you would also need "Manage Channels".

Once Orisa has joined, you will need to move the newly created Orisa role as high as possible; the reason is that Discord only allows nickname changes to be done to people whose highest role is lower than the one attempting the modification. So Orisa needs to be at least higher than the group you use for your regular members.


Orisa's code is licensed under the GNU AGPL version 3.

Basically it means that you have to give every user of your bot (which is every discord user on your server) the same rights you got; the right to see and modify the source.

If you make modifications, you are required to disclose them to the users of your modified bot, you also must make it obvious that your bot is not the official Orisa bot.

Be sure to check the LICENSE file for further restrictions on using this bot.

GitHub - brakhane/Orisa: A Discord bot to help keep track of members’ BattleTags and Overwatch SR
A Discord bot to help keep track of members’ BattleTags and Overwatch SR - GitHub - brakhane/Orisa: A Discord bot to help keep track of members’ BattleTags and Overwatch SR