A gui package manager for termux x11.

Note: This project is not completed! But you can use it. In future there some update will come.

What is RoyalManager

RoyalManager is a gui interface termux package manager.

This project thanked to : stackoverflow and Yisus7u7/termux-pkg-manager(i get idea to built it), python, tkinter.


  • View info, install and delete any package
  • Update packages to their latest version
  • Clean cache
  • Remove junk packages
    Note: More features will come soon.


Install RoyalManager in terminal by little bit steps that are given below:

Step 1:

pkg install git


apt install git

Step 2:

git clone

Now RoyalManager is installed in your system, enjoy 🙂 .


Go to the project directory

cd RoyalManager

Run the below command to install requirements

bash -ir

For running software:


Note: You will also need to set up a GUI in termux.

Some termux desktop setup repositories are:


App Screenshot1

App Screenshot2

App Screenshot3

App Screenshot4

App Screenshot5

App Screenshot6

App Screenshot7


Any errors or suggestions report it to:

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